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The Stinginess of Financial Independence: Careful Being Too Cheap

With the New York Times article on Fat FIRE, I've been thinking

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Navigating Retirement: Dynamic Safe Withdrawal Rates In Action

One of my ongoing challenges as a writer is explaining financial concepts

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Why Earning Less Passive Income Has Changed My Life For The Better

In October 2023, my passive income took a significant $150,000 hit, representing

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After 40 Years of Service in Financial Industry, This Veteran CFO Retires

Wednesday, 01/05/2024 | 06:51 GMT by Damian Chmiel Boku's CFO, Keith Butcher,

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Giving A Gift Card Is The Best Way To Help Frugal People Spend

Since middle school, I've embraced frugality, largely influenced by my parents' thrifty

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The Right House-To-Car Ratio For Financial Freedom

After delving into the exorbitant prices of new luxury cars, I've come

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Investing In First Print, First Edition Books Is The Way

If you're a book collector, I wanted to give you a heads

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The Sacrifices We Make To Achieve Financial Independence

One of the most commonly asked questions I get is whether I

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The Most Dangerous Early Retirement Strategy To Follow: Coast FIRE

In 2009, I established my first rule of FIRE: generate enough passive

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